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How to Easily Decorate Your Home With Outdoor Lights for the Holiday

Outdoor Holiday LightsThinking about decorating your home with the use of outdoor holiday lights this holiday season but can’t quite figure out how to do this?

First congratulations because you are in the right track as outdoor lights are indeed a great way to truly make your home standout at this wonderful time of the year.

Another reason for using outdoor lights this season is because they lend your home a magical look that makes little kids and adults alike stand in awe and wonder at your outdoor d├ęcor. Not only will you feel happy at improving the look of your home, you will also feel glad when neighbors and passersby compliment you on your choice of decorative lights.

Considerations When Decorating With Holiday Outdoor Lighting

• Think of safety first so before you decorate your outdoors with lights. For example, clear your gutters from dead leaves to prevent a fire from breaking out.

• Before you start re-using those lights be sure to inspect them. Separate string lights and check if some lights are broken or burned out also check if the wiring has no torn areas. Immediately replace broken bulbs and fix torn areas if they can still be fixed.

• Use proper tools such as a ladder for hanging lights on your gutter, light clips, hooks, hammer, and screwdrivers. Not using the proper tools could lead to accidents.

Types of Lights For Outdoors

Here are some types of modern outdoor lights that are in use today.

• Rope lights is an alternative to traditional string lights because they can be cut in specific intervals, they are dimmable, plus they last long.

• Solar powered lights is a great product because you will not be spending on electricity since these lights automatically turns itself off during the day and goes to charging mode via solar power.

• String lights are great if you plan on outlining your doors and windows. The strings can be combined together to form an interesting array of colors that suit your taste.

Decorating With Lights For Outdoors

Here are tips that will help you position your outdoor lights.

Decorate selected trees and shrubs from your garden. Doing such provides a different glow to your plants at night time. Use colors that represent the holidays such as white, red, blue, and other colors that go well together.

Use net lighting and drape the lights on your shrubs or hang string lights from your trees instead of stringing them around your tree. As an alternative, you can string the lights into various shapes and hang those shapes on your selected tree or trees.

Decorate your balcony or front porch as well. In keeping with your garden, you must also try your hand at decorating your balcony or your front porch. These two are an extension to your home where you can rest after a weary day, read a book, or entertain a few guests.

You can use a weatherproof lights designed for outdoors and install this around the base of your balcony or front porch or under the railings as well.

Decorating your roof shingle with lights for outdoor use is another great idea. With a shingle hanger you can easily place those lights on your roof without causing damage to your roofline.

You can also hang lights from your gutter to create an absolutely gorgeous curtain of lights look. If you want to you can even decorate your front door and windows with lights according to your preconceived design.

If you have sculptures outdoors use outdoor lights to make them stand out and look more dramatic in the evening.