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How to Use Outdoor String Lights for a More Festive Party

Outdoor parties are festive occasions and if you want to make them even livelier, use outdoor string lights.

The beauty of these outdoor string lights is that they really enhance any atmosphere you are trying to achieve. Also, string lights come in various designs that will surely fit your party’s theme.

Holiday events and parties, especially, can be made merrier with the addition of this type of string lights.

For instance, if you want to make a Halloween, Christmas, even 4th of July party more exciting, just use outdoor string lights.

Read on how you can make your party merrier with these lights, but before we come to that let’s talk first about the kinds of modern outdoor lighting string lights out there.

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Types of Outdoor String Lights Available

rope lightsThere are 10 varieties of this kind of lighting. However their are three that are most popular and that is what we will discuss. The top 3, most popular versions of string lights are: rope lights, solar lights, and bamboo lanterns.

Rope Lights

If you want to hang lights on your plants, swimming pool, across your lawn, or just to enable others to see your front porch steps the best string light to use are those called rope lights.

They are easy to put into place without a lot of work. They can be wrapped around objects and are easy to add extra lengths to if needed.

Solar String Lights 

Solar lights are the perfect solution for those who want lights that have less maintenance involved and those who want lights that allow them to save on energy consumption.

These lights are great because you don’t have to flip a switch or plug/unplug anything because the solar panel will automatically turn on or off these light sources.

Bamboo Lantern String Lights

Last, in our very short list of outdoor string lights is the bamboo lantern string light also known as matchstick lantern. They appeal to a lot of users because they have this natural feel to them. Also, this type of light is dim which is the perfect solution for people who live in apartments and share balconies with another tenant.

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For a spookier but livelier Halloween party, there are lights that give off an eerie purple or orange glow. You can place these lights all around your garden area or wherever your party is held. What is great with these party lights is that they come in Halloween themed shapes such as creepy eyes, ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, and even bats.

Come Thanksgiving you can also buy outdoor party lights to accentuate your event’s theme. There are lots of Thanksgiving themed lights that you can buy autumn leaf and turkey shaped with autumn colored party lights.

Valentines can be made even more romantic if you decorate your home or outdoors with red or purple colored lights in heart or rose shapes. With these lights your party guests will surely feel the romance in the air.

For 4th of July you can buy lights shaped like a star for your front porch. You can also buy lights shaped like the American flag for you to show off your patriotism.

Feeling the green for St. Patrick’s Day? How about buying bright green lights in shamrock designs? Place these around your party area and feel the festive holiday mood.

Easter is joyous event that can be made more fun when for your Easter party you have string lights shaped like Easter eggs or the Easter bunny on your patio. Be sure when it’s time for the traditional Easter egg hunt that the kids don’t mistake your lights for what they hunting and accidentally pull on the lights.

Feel the Christmas spirit even more by buying more festive designed lights rather than those regular string lights. There are lots of string lights for outdoors in various designs such as Santa, angels, holly, gift boxes, snowflakes, and snowmen.

Of course for occasions not mentioned above you can use an array of outdoor string lights is various shapes and sizes to complement your party’s theme.

For birthdays you can choose lights with the celebrator’s favorite color, hang them on the porch or lay them around the plants like you would on a Christmas tree, get the party started, and just let the guests be in awe of those wonderful string lights.